Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Head of Endesa Spain to Visit Chile

José Manuel Entrecanales, the new head of Endesa Spain, will visit Chile in early December as part of a Latin American trip that will also include all other countries— Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru—where the company has holdings.

Entrecanales assumed his position at Spain’s largest electric company last month after Italian energy firm Enel and Spanish construction company Accion took control of Endesa. The new boss will be meeting with the heads of both Endesa Chile (Chilean Electric Power Distribution Company) and Chilectric during the visit.

The trip will allow Entrecanales to begin implementing the company’s new business plan – a plan which unfortunately appears to make no allowance for growing public unhappiness with the company’s hydroelectric dam plans for Chile’s Patagonia region.

Entrecanales said that the arrival of Enel and Accion will not affect Endesa’s position in Latin America.

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