Friday, November 16, 2007

Barrick Gold Chairman, Peter Munk complains rogue Environmental NGOs are Destroying the Mining Industry

In the communities of Peru, where new copper mines are planned a referendum on mining was held.

Votes cast: 8,873 (48.17 percent of the total electorate)
Votes in favor of mining in the district: 176
Votes against mining in the district: 8,294

It would appear the people of Peru disagree with Peter Munk and the Barrick Gold Corporation.

Want to see more outrageous assertions from the Barrick Gold Corporation? Watch this next video: Barrick Gold Corporation Chairman asserts that gold mines create jobs and feed people. (so would dismantling the Pyramids of Egypt)


It is not the Environmental NGO's that are out of control, but the rogue Canadian Mining Industry:

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