Thursday, November 29, 2007

Australia's new government tackles Global Warming - Chile dam efforts to receive Carbon Credit / Clean Development Mechanism Kyoto Funding

SYDNEY, Australia - Australia's Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd took advice Sunday on how to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and fielded phone calls from world leaders — starting in on work the day after a sweeping election victory.

The emphatic victory for Rudd's Labor Party swings Australia toward the political left after almost 12 years of conservative rule and puts it at odds with key ally Washington on two crucial policy issues — Iraq and global warming.

After declaring victory late Saturday, Rudd attended church Sunday then held meetings with government officials about the mechanics of signing the Kyoto pact on global warming, an issue he made his top priority during the election campaign.

Read about Pacific Hydro's Dam plans below:

Kyoto ratification crucial in Australian plans for Chile hydro-development – Carbon Offsets purchased in Europe critical to dam construction.

Australia's Pacific Hydro finds a loophole: Climate change, Kyoto, and carbon trading

Chile Environment Exploited to Offset European Pollution

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