Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mine Your Own Business - The Darkside of the Environmental Movement? - watch the groundbreaking video trailer below

Mine Your Own Business, a film produced by New Bera Media in association with the Moving Picture Institute, looks at the dark side of environmentalism. It talks to some of the world's poorest people about how western environmentalists are campaigning to keep them in poverty because they think their way of life is quaint. It is the first documentary to ask hard questions of the environmental movement.

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Unfortunately the Romanian Government did not see the film, Mine Your Own Business, before calling a halt to the project: Canadian gold mining corporation, Gabriel Resources Ltd. halts Romanian project as support sours - NGO's influence cited


To see how the mining industry really treats the poor, watch the following video:

Here is the full story behind the Guatemala evictions:

Canadian, Goldcorp's open pit, cyanide-leeching mine runs up against local opposition in Guatemala

Mining Misery: Guatemala is one of many countries that has attracted the investment of Canadian Mining Companies – but at what cost to its people?