Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Gift from the Kinross Gold Corporation of Canada to the residents of Futaleufu, Chile - Pit Mine Blasting - TNT & Dynamite Watch it Explode!

Experience the "Daily Blast" at the Kinross Fort Knox Gold Mine in Alaska

Can't see it? Try here: Kinross Gold Mine Blasting

In the likely event this video is removed, we have many others:

Blasting at Marvel Lock Gold Mine Western Australia

Blasts at Mt Keith Nickel mine in Western Australia.

Believe it or not, these explosions are so large they will crack foundations...

Mining companies blast rocks once or twice daily and this does not only generate noise pollution but the vibration has created deep cracks in residential buildings and schools. Four schools in the Kwabibirem district, Fiaseman Sec. Sch. in Tarkwa, three basic schools at Bogoso to mention a few, are on the verge of collapsing due to deep cracks in them. Must we allow this to continue?

See: The Environmental Effects of Surface Mining

...and can be detected on a seismograph used to measure earthquakes.

In August 2004 a UNR group set out a line of 400 seismometers extending from Fresno, Calif. north across the Sierra Nevada range, the Long Valley volcanic caldera, and central Nevada to the Idaho border. These seismometers monitored earthquakes in the caldera, and several large (>100,000 lb ANFO) mining blasts at huge open-pit gold mines in northern Nevada for one week.

This record of 411 seismograms shows the data from one of these mining blasts, from the south end at Fresno on the left, to the Idaho border with Nevada on the right, more than 500 km (300 mi) north. Time on each one of these four-minute-long seismograms increases downward, as deeper structures tend to affect the seismograms at larger time. The blast was located near the right side about 100 km south of the Idaho border.

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