Friday, November 30, 2007

Journeyman Pictures presents "Damming of the Biobio River" - Endesa SA verses the Mapuche - What to expect from Endesa during the HydroAysen struggle.

A MUST SEE VIDEO: The historic struggle of the Mapuche against Endesa SA will provide an insight to all those who oppose Endesa's HidroAysen Project.

The damming of the Biobìo River was a pivotal conflict for Chile - a battle between new democracy and the shady world of Pinochet's fascism.

When civilian government returned in 1990 an indigenous Law was passed. It allowed the Mapuche people threatened by the Endesa dams to register claims.

Yet most people were simply too scared to complain. "They're afraid in case the government gets angry with them [and] sends the military to smash them" But a brave few are testing out the new law.

Two lawyers fight it out over a key parcel of land. They represent the two sides of Chile's past. The Mapuche's lawyer: a former exile and prisoner of Pinochet's
regime. Endesa's lawyer: a founding member of the firm. It's a
tough fight.

Many of today's Chilean senators, judges and military officers were hand selected by Pinochet. Attending the 24th anniversary of his ascension to power it's clear that his influence is intact. The video shows him getting more medals while a military band salute his honour.

As he still receives support from home, the Mapuche lawyer neatly sums it up: "The government of Pinochet ended, but not the power of Pinochet."

Here is the video on youtube: Damming the Biobio River