Saturday, December 1, 2007

SN Power, Norway, & Pacific Hydro, Australia, move on La Confluencia dam project on the Tinguiririca River- effort to reduce Europe's Carbon Emissions

RAIDERS FROM THE NORTH: Rivers of the Southern Hemisphere provide the solution to European carbon emissions pollution.

SN Power, Australian Pacific Hydro move on La Confluencia

[28 November 2007] Work on the 155MW La Confluencia project in Chile is set to commence with the JV developer having awarded the turnkey construction contract to Hochtief and Tecsa.

SN Power and Australian Pacific Hydro are the JV partners developing the project in the Tinguiririca valley upstream of the La Higuera scheme, which they are also building with the same installed capacity and is due to be commissioned late next year. La Confluencia is scheduled to come online in 2010.

Both plants are run-of-river schemes and together they should generate approximately 1400GWh per year of electricity.

The turnkey contract will see the contracting consortium of Hochtief’s local subsidiary and Chilean firm Tecsa engineer, procure and construct (EPC) the project.

SN Power and Australian Pacific Hydro are to build the La Confluencia project for US$350M. Approximately 60% of the project cost will be debt financed.

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