Monday, October 22, 2007

Norwegian Power Projects in Mapuche, Chile Heartland Plunder Environment

SN Power Projects in Chile:


SN Power has been active in Chile since early 2003. A local holding company has been established to follow-up ongoing projects and develop new opportunities.

In the Tinguiririca Joint Venture, SN Power is constructing the La Higuera project (Which was recently fined for submitting a false environmental impact statement.) in addition to developing a second project, La Confluencia. Further project opportunities are evaluated within the same river system.

Additionally, a back up thermal power plant will be built: Colmito. Other potential projects are being developed in the Los Rios Region. The

Tinguiririca Project is the first building-block in a strategy to become a top four player in the Chilean central grid by 2010.

Tinguiririca River
(50/50 JV with Pacific Hydro)

La Higuera,155 MW (Finished in 2008)
La Confluencia 145 MW (Construction beginning 2007)
Central Colmito, 60 MW (Thermal)
Las Damas, 60 MW
Portillo, 40 MW

Trayenko Project Proposed
(80/20 JV with G. Pavez)

Pellaifa, 75 MW (Rio Tolten Basin - Proposed)
Liquiñe, 125 MW (Rio Valdivia Basin - Proposed)
Maihue, 300 MW (Rio Bueno Basin - Proposed)

Cost & Time Line
EPC cost MUSD 600
Feasibility Studies and EIA 2006-07
Decision to proceed 2007-08
Commercial operations 2012-14


SN Power Corporate Credentials Presentation (pdf)
SNPower 2006 Annual Report (pdf)