Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Endesa SA to build two coal and gas fired power plants in Chile - Is Endesa's Climate Initiative full of Hot Air?

Two Endesa Projects Featuring GE Technology To Help Meet Growing Power Needs In Chile

Endesa Chile S.A. has selected GE Energy turbine technology for two new projects, including one of Chile’s largest pulverized coal thermal power plants, which is expected to help meet the country’s growing energy requirements.

For the Bocamina II project, GE plans to supply a model RH D5, sub-critical steam turbine that is among the first 350-megawatt class steam turbines to be installed in the region. Located in Bio-Bio in central Chile, the plant would burn imported bituminous coal, but also have the flexibility to use a wide variety of other coals, including local sub-bituminous coal.

In the second project, GE is providing two 125-megawatt, Frame 9E gas turbine-generators for the Quintero Power Plant, also located in central Chile north of Santiago. Initially, plans are for the gas turbines to operate on diesel oil, but later switch to liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is expected to be supplied from an LNG terminal to be constructed nearby.

"With one of South America’s most robust economies, Chile is looking to increase its energy output, and we are pleased our technology can support that effort" said Guillermo Brooks, GE Energy’s Region Executive for Latin America. "The Bocamina II and Quintero projects build on a long-standing relationship between GE and Endesa, which has the largest installed capacity of any electricity generating company in Chile"

NOTE (CDM & JI): This initiative will been carried out utilizing two Kyoto mechanisms called Joint Implementation (JI) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Read more about the Endesa Climate Initiative here: Endesa Climate Initiative)

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