Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take Action - NRDC Internet Petition to save Patagonia BioGems

Bernardo Matte Larrain, Director, Colbun
Executive Secretary Rodrigo Iglesias
Mario Valcarce Duran, President, Endesa Chile
Minister Marcelo Tokman

Dear Secretary Iglesias, Mr. Valcarce Duran,
Mr. Matte Larrain, and Minister Tokman,

I urge you to support a comprehensive independent analysis of alternatives for Chile's energy future. Recently, NRDC and one of its Chilean partners, Ecosistemas, invited you to join a group of industry, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in sponsoring this analysis, which would be led by respected researchers at the University of Chile. They are eagerly awaiting your response.

Chile is facing a number of critical energy-related decisions. These pivotal decisions can best be made by following an independent, technically credible review of all the alternatives. Such reviews are routinely required in environmental impact assessment and regulatory processes in the United States and many other countries.

Please agree to support this study and to participate with environmental representatives on the stakeholders' committee that will assume overall responsibility for the study -- including approving the final scope of work, contributing to its funding, assisting in data collection, and making formal comments on the results. Without a broadly supported independent analysis, sound decision-making about Chile's energy future is impossible. I hope that you will support this important study.

Read and sign the full petition here.