Thursday, October 18, 2007

False Environmental Impact Statements induce Regional Environment Commission to Implement Fines.

The Mayor of the Region of O'Higgins, Hector Leiva called entrepreneurs who built hydroelectric plants in the region to think more about the environment at all stages of production, stressing that the Regional Environment Commission (Corema) will be inflexible in applying fines and penalties for those who destroy the flora, fauna and natural resources in the areas near their structures.

These statements were issued by the Mayor after the meeting of the Regional Environmental Commission (Corema), which took place the morning of Tuesday (2006-03-29) in Prat Hall of the Regional Inspector. At the time, Hector Leiva said that despite the need energy to the country, there must be a respect for environmental standards, including the generation of jobs that could be created these hydroelectric projects.

He referred, in particular, to environmental problems tied to the construction of the hydroelectric station, La Higuera, on the Tinguiririca River, which suspended operation by the orders of Corema. The mayor noted that the owners (Pacific Hydro & SN Power) will report, in a forthcoming meeting of the Corema, about the mistakes that were made in environmental studies and the corrections made to address them. "Subsequently, the a decision will be made on possible fines and compensation from this company," he said.

"We must not ignore the country's energy needs and our region as well, but they should not destroy the environment, it belongs to all of us. We must be consistent and compatible with all of these activities. Today, technology and the will to implement it exists, and this company (Hydroelectric La Higuera) will make repairs and be subject to the control that we are pursuing through the Corema," said the Mayor.

Regional director of the National Commission for the Environment, Hector Gonzalez, said that in the short term he will organize a tripartite commission, along with the owners of the hydroelectric project with the goal of restarting operations next May.

This article was translated from Spanish.
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