Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day gifts: if it's not ethical, don't bother...43% of women would rather not get a gift than receive one that was not ethically produced

New research released today by the Department for International Development (DFID) shows that what women really want this Valentines Day is an ethical gift - in fact an amazing 43% would rather not get a gift at all than receive one that was not ethically produced.

It seems that the way to a woman's heart in 2008 is through her conscience as nearly two thirds (62%) of women say that they would be impressed if their partner went to the trouble of making sure their gift was ethical, whether it's flowers, chocolates or even diamonds. Men aren't far behind with over half (53%) saying they would be impressed by an ethical gift.

Among those expecting to receive or give a Valentines gift this year, flowers are still rated as the most popular gift to receive (42%) with jewellery (22%) and chocolate (17%) coming second and third.

Over half of women in the UK (53%) say that it matters to them that their Valentines gift is ethical. In fact, it matters so much that over half (54%) would be unhappy if they knew that their gift had been made by people who had been treated unfairly.

For any men planning to pop the question this year, it's not just about the flowers. Three quarters (74%) of women would be unhappy if their diamond was a conflict diamond.

Despite so many women preferring an ethical gift, an overwhelming 60% of those expecting to receive a gift this year don't think their partner will make sure their gift is ethical.

Relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr comments: "Women are attracted to men like George Clooney for more than their good looks. Such men clearly care about the world around them and try to make a difference. Thinking about the ethical implications of a Valentine's gift shows that a man has a conscience - a very attractive quality to women. Men should realise the way to a woman's heart is to choose an ethical gift that appeals to her."

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