Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gold Futures: A PBS documentary of Canadian gold miner intimidation, psychological pressure, propaganda & forced relocation in Romania’s Rosia Montana

Canadian Gold Miner Gabriel Resources Stopped in Romania - puts 200 Million (usd) Investment in Peril

Background: In 2000 an Australian-Romanian gold mine caused a massive cyanide disaster that left the whole region poisoned for 20 years. The new company (Gabriel Resources) put out their own propaganda video "Mine Your Own Business" in which they point out that it's the Hungarians who try to stop Romanians from doing "development". They also assault George Soros who's a hero in Eastern Europe. The mining company tried using ethnic tension for monetary gain and in this part of the world this is very irresponsible behavior and shows that mining companies have no regard of indigenous cultures and would do anything to exploit local resources.

(For more of the same see: Canadian Mining Industry Run Amok )

Romania now plans to ban cyanide leach mining in the country which will extinguish the threat from predatory Canadian gold mining corporations for the foreseeable future.